Mentoring Support

Give mentors and protégés the tools to have productive conversations

While the leaders in your organization may believe that experience is the best way to learn, most aren’t very good at helping others to find the right experiences and learn the most from them. Our development planning tool is a quick and easy way to spark deeper conversations about learning from experience:

  • Protégé-driven process that provides structure for discussions
  • Quickly identify up to 30 learning insights and 30 risk insights associated with any work experience
  • Get a Fit Score to determine if an experience will provide needed development
  • Mentors know how to provide value and what to talk about
  • Simple discussion protocol for ongoing check-in discussions to ensure learning is taking place

Typical Engagement

  • Audience Mentors and protégés
  • Format Self-paced tools for discussion
  • Outcomes More effective conversations about development; enhanced learning for mentoring relationships; increased engagement and retention

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