FrameBreaking Overview

How to get the most from on-the-job experiences

Sometimes the most powerful insights are the simplest. The FrameBreaking model is a case in point. When you first see the model, you will probably say, “this is obvious.” But the power of the model stems not from its complexity, but its simplicity and usefulness. As one learning and development director put it, “I can’t believe we haven’t been thinking this way already!”

Through 15 years of in-depth research, interviews and group discussions with hundreds of highly successful leaders and professionals exploring the dimensions of developmental experiences, Dr. Mark Kizilos, has developed a simple but powerful tool for evaluating the developmental potential of any experience along two fundamental dimensions: Intensity (increased performance demands) and Stretch (different performance demands).

FrameBreaking Model, copyright 2012, Experience-Based Development Associates, LLC

Combining the Intensity and Stretch dimensions creates the FrameBreaking™ experience model and four distinct types of experience: Delivering, Mastering, Broadening, and FrameBreaking. Each experience type offers different value to the individual at different points in their career.

The experience model fills a real void in current talent development practice. Without a useful lens for thinking about experiences, it is too easy for people to miss critical learning from “great development opportunities.” The model and toolkit provide a simple way to think differently about work experiences, so people can learn and achieve more, faster.

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