Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We currently have a tool, at that can be introduced to your employees without training or any up-front explanation of FrameBreaking. People use the tool to get ideas for creating more useful, experience-based development plans. In just five minutes, users are able to assess a possible development experience and generate a personalized development guide for the experience.
Yes. We offer a live, 3-module virtual program that introduces participants to the FrameBreaking concepts and guides them through the creation of a robust experience-based development plan. See our Solutions for more details.
Yes. We provide trainer/coach certification at no charge to organizations that purchase a license to use the toolkit with 100 or more employees.

No. The FrameBreaking Experience Model is not prescriptive. While FrameBreaking is the most developmental and transformative type of experience, it is also the riskiest. The demands are high, the challenges are beyond one’s capabilities, and the chances for failure are generally very real. If one can get the development he or she needs through other types of experience that may be a better approach.

Individuals can learn from any type of experience if they approach it with a Learning Mindset. The FrameBreaking model is a tool for approaching one’s experiences with greater awareness of the learning potential that they hold.